dinner menu: organic, whole ingredients

sharing plates
soup of the day 4
organic chips & salsa served chilled 4
baked zuc & cheese w/ zucchini, cashew cream, & organic cheddar cheese* or daiya cheese 9
beet & walnut dip w/ balsamic reduction & fresh veggies served chilled 8
cheesy brazilian bread bites* 7
hummus of the day w/ fresh veggies served chilled 6
sliced cucumber w/ cashew cheese served raw 7
brussels sprouts & slivered almonds w/ masala almond sauce served warm 7
spicy jalapeño poppersw/ cashew cheese w/ fruit dipping sauce served warm 8
stir fry w/ quinoa & tamari vinaigrette served warm 7
coconut curry red lentils w/ portobello mushrooms & tomatoes served warm 8
marinated baby mushrooms stuffed w/ kalamata olives, herbs, zest, & garlic served chilled 8
hot stuffed mushrooms w/ parmesan* or cashew cheese served warm 8
local cheese plate w/ vegetarian cheese, house marinated olives, nut crackers, & raw local honey* served chilled 13
large plates
2 black bean-chia patties on a multi-grain bun w/ bbq sauce, laziz garlic spread, sautéed mushrooms & onions, cabbage slaw served warm 14
  add organic cheddar cheese 1
barbeque brown rice bowl w/ seasonal veggies 11
grilled cheese w/organic cheddar cheese* or daiya cheese, pesto, avocado, & bell pepper sandwich w/ tomato basil soup 13
stuffed avocado w/ spicy seasoned walnuts, pico, & cashew sour cream served raw 13
zucchini noodles w/ fresh tomato sauce, pesto, & pine nuts served raw 13
pasta w/ tomato sauce, spinach, & kalamata olives served warm 13
  add eggplant w/ parmesan* or cashew cheese 4
portobello dinner w/ pan-fried lemon risotto, sautéed spinach, seasonal veggies, & balsamic reduction served warm 13
eggplant parmesan* or cashew cheese w/ kale & fingerling potatoes served warm 13
spinach w/ bell peppers, cashews, bean sprouts, quinoa, sesame seeds, & tamari vinaigrette 8
champagne citrus marinated kale salad w/shredded carrots, golden raisins, avocado curry dressing & hemp seeds 6
spring thai salad w/ carrots, peas, sprouts, mushrooms, coconut noodles, rainbow chard toasted cashews & spicy almond dressing 8
zest & herb crusted goat cheese* 2
parmesan cheese* 2
cashew cheese 2
avocado 2
multigrain, gluten-free dinner roll 2

“…the carrot cake I’m eating right now is making me want to be a better person.”
-David Mead

“…the carrot cake I’m eating right now is making me want to be a better person.”
-David Mead

chocolate beet cake w/ avocado mousse 6
carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting* 6
salted caramel hazelnut torte 6
rosemary infused tart topped w/ honey whipped goat cheese, fresh strawberries* 6
raw lemongrass & blueberry chocolate bark by the chocolate conspiracy 6


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